About Etcetera…

About Etcetera…

etcmierdazo3 por grupo etcetera.

Etcetera… was formed in 1997 in Buenos Aires by a group of visual artists, poets, puppeteers and actors, most of whom were under 20 at the time. They all shared the intention of bringing art to the site of immediate social conflict -the streets- and of bringing this conflict into arenas of cultural production, including the media and art institutions.  Etcetera… worked closely with the human rights group H.I.J.O.S. (Children for Identity and Justice Against Forgetting and Silence) in developing and popularizing “escraches,” acts of public denunciation that seek a form of social justice not beholden to the state’s legal and judicial institutions. They often work with street art that is by nature ephemeral and circumstantial. They form part of the urban scene as a statement of protest, denunciation or signalling; and as a result it pertains to a specific time and place. In their practice, Etcetera… employ a great sense of humour, poetic discovery and all the destructuring potential they possess to forge a new kind of committed art: free of hackneyed rhetoric and often quite sarcastic and “incorrect”, the results of which are destined to persist in people’s memories.

About  Errorism and the International Errorist:

Campaña Bicentenario Errorista  por Bicentenario Errorista (200 años de error).

A new term, a new “word-action”, infiltrates dictionaries, emanates from the great encyclopaedias and invades the Internet search engines: “ERRORISM.”

“Errorism: practice or philosophy that bases its actions on error.”

“Errorists: multitudes, subjects or groups that practice Errorism.”

The International Errorist is an international organization that claims error as a philosophy of life. Today, errorism and its actions receive wide help from the international community, adding  members , collectives and individuals around all the world , dispreading their practices and their philosophy, being satisfied with new autonomous cells of International Errorists that expand all over the world.

The movement International Errorist was born around the  a protest to take place during the visit of George W. Bush for the Summit of the Americas in the city of  Mar del Plata, Argentina in 2005.

The term “Errorist” -decoupling the letter “t” from the word “terrorist”- refers to the so-called “Global War on Terror” that the Bush administration propagated. The otherwise prohibitive discussion of what “terror” constitutes today becomes joyful and possible through errorism.

The movement also opens the way to consider the notion of error as a fundamental human condition in the capitalist world that eschews mistakes and failures.


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